NovaDerm Lipo Treatments
NovaDerm Lipo Treatments
NovaDerm Lipo Treatments

Facial Collagen Wave Therapy

Promax Lipo; a brand new multi-functional device that has been uniquely designed to offer the three most popular body treatments using Radio Frequency and Ultra Sonic Cavitation in combination or separately.

Consultation Procedure
Prior to treatment you must first undergo a consultation during which details about your medical history are obtained in order to confirm your suitability. Before proceeding with treatment you will also be asked to complete a consent form. Contact Us to book your free consultation today.

How does the Promax lipo work?
The promax lipo utilises not just one but three different technologies to target several concerns. Ultrasound Cavitation is used to create sound waves that affect the permeability of the fat cells, allowing fat to escape and be metabolised. This gives rapid inch-loss as well as a long term reduction in the really stubborn areas of fat that are typically resistant to exercise such as the abdomen or outer thigh.

Safe and effective Radio Frequency energy is applied to the skin causing gentle heating. For the treatment of cellulite the deepest layers of the skin are heated to a temperature which increases local blood circulation, Vacuum Massage then encourages drainage of fatty deposits into the lymphatic system, promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue and leads to a reduction in the volume in fat cells.

During skin tightening procedures, the heating action accelerates collagen production and leads to a contraction of collagen fibres; restructuring and tightening the skin. Particularly good results are seen on post pregnancy ‘lax’ skin and facial skin tightening. The treated area may be pink for a short time after treatment, but this will subside quickly. Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

As a result of some of the triglycerides being metabolised by passing into the urinary system it is also quite normal to experience an increased need to go to the toilet. In fact, it is recommended that patients drink increased quantities of water for a short period of time after the treatments to encourage and enhance this particular removal process for the fat cells. Immediately after treatment, contraction of collagen fibres improves skin elasticity and the skin should appear firmer.

How many treatments are necessary?
Generally a course of 5-8 sessions is recommended for facial skin tightening and series of 6-10 treatments for the reduction of cellulite, inch loss or slimming.

Treatment Price List